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"The Aquarius comes with fish leather interior and offers luxuries all sea inhabitants dream of. You can hear the sound of its stereo from hundreds of miles away!
Although the Aquarius is worth every penny, it's hard to afford. That's why there is a contest, giving everyone the opportunity to buy the Aquarius at a preferential price. All you have to do is to get hold of all the medals."
The magnificent Aquarius becomes available for purchase just before Offensive part II, although it's unlikely you will be able to buy it as it costs around 5M. Fortunately, there is the chance to get hold of this beautiful ship after you collect all medals, meaning you will have to finish story, officially, to get last two medals: "Hero" and "Collector", and finally get Aquarius for just 50k.
Aquarius is enjoyable to handle, with max number of slots and cargo hold which will make your job smoother then ever, leather interior and, as rumored, unbelievable stereo system. It's up to you to use it well.
  • Slots: 10
  • Cargo hold :100
  • Armour: 200
  • Handling: 150
  • Price: 5M (50k with all medals)
  • Aquarius from front
  • Side view of Aquarius and Al-Karim station in background
  • Aquarius icon